Covid19 is the worst pandemic for 100 years, it will affect thousands of people directly, and millions indirectly. The world won’t stop turning.

The UK will eventually limit large scale gatherings, close schools etc… The world won’t stop turning.

Donald Trump has banned travel into the United States from Europe. He’s done something, the wrong thing! Will the world stop on its axis? No!

The only positive we can take out is that there is some action.

The actions being taken to stem the spread of Corona virus have at least been “relatively” quick. Why then, when the biggest crisis in the history of the world, not just the last 100 years, climate change, are governments so slow to take action?

The answer to both these crises will actually be led, by the masses. Individually and as businesses we all have to take action over Corona virus and we have to take action over Climate change.

Better hygiene, self isolation, etc.. will help give time for a vaccine to be developed. As far as climate change – we need to reduce or carbon footprints, to recycle and we need to waste less food, water and energy.

Covid19 is here, but it will go. The world won’t stop turning.

Climate change is here, if we don’t all act, it won’t go, and eventually the world just might stop turning.