It’s half time, England is down but not out, after a very strong Coronavirus came out and quickly took a strong hold. After a dismal, and desperately slow start, England have managed to limp in at the break to try to regroup.

The England Manager, Boris Johnson, is expected to make some tactical changes, and is confident that they can turn things around in the second half.

Matt Hancock, Boris’s assistant, has a decent looking bench to call on, to try to prop up what looks like a losing position. He can bring on “School Closure”, a young but enthusiastic virus carrier, and “Restrictive Movement”, who normally loves to get out and about. As a last resort he can bring on “Self Isolation” who is talented but somewhat shy.

The situation looks bleak, but fans remain optimistic and have vowed to get behind the team with strong support and better hygiene.

Looking optimistically forward to the subsequent round, if Boris preforms wonders and beats Covid19, the next opponent looks even tougher, Climate Change.

Boris has never beaten Climate Change and is now relying on the whole of the UK for support. Boris is hoping for a 3-2-1 formation. With Government, Councils, and the Civil Service at the back, in midfield he wants Individuals and Educational institutes with Business up front leading the attack.

Whether you like the leader or not – let’s get behind the team. #covid19 #climatechange #sustainability