The world has gone into recession. The Coronavirus has impacted everyone. Some company’s have gone out of business. UK Redundancies have hit a 12 year high, and yet there is hope.

Prior to COVID-19 the headlines were all about sustainability, climate change, recycling, plastic use, and extreme weather. The world was sitting up and taking notice, and then the pandemic. The headlines changed to stay at home, lock-down, social distancing and wear a mask, and yet the world continues to warm, the ice caps continue to melt, and carbon emissions are out of control.

If we are to come out of the global recession we need a Green Recovery plan, a plan where sustainability is at it’s core, where our decisions are not just made on profit, but where we consider our corporate and social responsibility, and we set ourselves targets to achieve a lower carbon footprint.

A Green Recovery plan involves everyone, Government must put forward the correct financial stimuli, and incentives, (they have committed £11b, but compared to France and Germany this is a fraction of their packages), the education sector must lead with technological innovation and ground breaking ideas and business must ensure they invest in making sure they are sustainable for a positive future.

Business sustainability isn’t about tree hugging, it’s about a fundamental change in business thinking, putting a sustainability policy at the core of every business, ensuring sustainability is considered in all business decisions, measuring and improving month by month and year by year.

Those that embrace a green recovery will be those that thrive in the future. The next generation will demand it.