I got up this morning feeling inspired. I was awestruck by the Nation, as last night I stood outside and clapped for two minutes.

I wasn’t the only one, I was joined by everyone in my family, and by neighbours as far as the eye could see. It was heart warming, a country brought together by social media to applaud our wonderful NHS and its workers.

I was so genuinely moved by everyone that I thought I’d write about it, but then mistakenly I read my emails before putting “finger to keyboard”.

My first email from Mighty Discounts (Part of Discount Experts), a newsletter I’ve never knowingly subscribed to, offering me an eight pack of toilet roll for £8.99.

That is not a discount, it is blatant profiteering. Last night Sainsburys was well stock in loo roll, and if we all shop sensibly, will remain well stocked. The supply chain for this product, or indeed any product, hasn’t failed. The system works if we all shop as we would normally (well as normally as we can in these circumstances).

This made me think about all businesses, and how we need to carry on, do the right things, remain positive, prepare for post Coronavirus, use time wisely, and don’t even think about trying to take advantage…… customers will remember, as we should not forget the frontline NHS staff efforts in these difficult times.