Or so the proverb would have us believe. Working from home has become a necessity, and whilst it hasn’t just been invented, it is about to achieve a renaissance.

If possible, we have all been told to work from home. It’s not something we would have chosen, more something we’ve been asked to do. But already it has made us question how we do business, and how we communicate.

Virtual meetings, conference calls, and video conferencing have never quite replaced the face-to-face meeting. Being able to see the “sweating brow” in a negotiation, or the “light in some one’s eyes” when they hear something thing like the sound of, simply doesn’t happen electronically. But, we now have to use these electronic communication channels, as they are the only ones open to us, and we will get used to them.

Post COVID19 will we enter a new regime? Flexible working, and working from home, will have been forced upon us, but will we embrace it, or revert to type?

Hopefully we will learn from this enforced behaviour, not least because of the impact these practices will have on the environment. We waste less time travelling, reduce our carbon footprint and save money.

Mother Earth has delivered Coronavirus. Inventors have already created technology to allow us to embrace digital communication. Post Covid19 it won’t be essential to use them, but hopefully we will (at least to some extent!). #sustainability #covid19